Cavity tray questions

Here are questions that users and potential customers often ask

Which country are CODA Products Ltd cavity tray manufactured in?

Our off the shelf and bespoke cavity tray products are manufactured in our factory in Hitchin Hertfordshire, England.

Who designed your cavity tray products? 

Our CODA Products Ltd design team designed and developed our cavity tray products.

What are CODA Products Ltd cavity tray made from? 

Our cavity trays are made from grade 1.4301 (304) or 1.4307 (304L) stainless steel.

Can CODA Products Ltd cavity trays rust or decay? 

Our cavity trays are made from the highest grade stainless steel and will stay rust free. 

Weep holes are required in the construction process to eliminate condensation. 

Which buildings require cavity trays? 

Any new buildings that exceed 18m in height using an SFS system (Steel Framing System).

What are weep holes? 

Weep holes allow water and condensation to flow drain. 

What do I need to install CODA Products cavity trays? 

You will need silicone HILTI CP 606 Flexible Firestop Sealant.

You will also need S-MD screws, at approximately 600mm points, screw length to be defined according with the wall type. 

What overlap do I need for cavity trays? 

Our cavity trays should overlap vertically by a minimum of 50mm, and horizontally by a minimum of 150mm.