Fireproof / A1 classification

Fireproof/A1 classification

Cavity trays BS EN 13501-1:2007+ A1:2009

CODA-Tray is a fire rated system manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel and satisfies the requirements for an A1 Classification without testing, fully compliant to the Building Regulations.

The current requirement is for materials to meet the classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007+ A1:2009.


Development / Testing

As a bespoke Cavity Tray, this system is designed to adapt to every project challenges. A complete package of drawings is carefully prepared and detailed to allow a fast and accurate installation on site.

This product was design in collaboration with a team of architects and taking into account the inputs from installers on site.

The overlapping method provides all the necessary flexibility to the system, using a bespoke product allows our team to plan and design in advance to installation.

The project is studied and discussed with the project designers in a way to achieve the most efficient solutions to all the possible challenges.

This system has been tested and supplied in different Architectural types of buildings, design was improved and adapted to resolve site issues and concerns.

CODA Tray system was now approved by several different warranty providers and Building Control in several developments.


Our Product is designed using mainly two parts, this allows for an easy and adjustable installation overcoming any possible construction tolerances.

The use of the two parts allows movement of the components in different directions without compromising the system.

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