CODA Windposts are specifically designed to provide vertical support to the brickwork panels between floors. Our windposts can reduce or eliminate the need for additional steel or reinforced concrete columns, resulting in cost reduction and time savings during construction. CODA offers a range of standard windposts and provides a bespoke service with our own team of design and technical experts who are available to assist. 

Connections to the frame are carefully designed to allow adjustment during installation. The upper connection specifically allows for vertical movement of the frame, ensuring stability and proper alignment. The choice of fixings used are dependent on the nature of the frame. For steel frame screws are required while expansion bolts are recommended for concrete frames. These options for fastening guarantee a secure and dependable connection for the frame. 

CODA L Windposts

CODA CLW are usually designed for small cavities, ensuring minimal movement. These windposts feature a built-in section that is integrated into the blockwork.

To further enhance stability, suitable end brackets are included based on the structure, along with external leaf ties (CWT.1) and internal leaf ties (CWT.2).

While our standard sizes are outlined in the tables, we also offer the flexibility to design and manufacture bespoke windposts to meet most project requirements.

CODA C Windpost

CODA CCW offers a hassle-free solution for cavity installation, ensuring minimal disruption to the blockwork. With no need for brickwork cutting, our products provide a convenient and efficient option.

We provide end brackets that are tailored to the specific structure, along with external and internal leaf ties (CWT.1).

Whilst we offer standard sizes, we also have the flexibility to design and manufacture products to meet most requirements.

CODA Box Windpost

CODA CBW is a versatile solution that is typically designed for building single blockwork walls, offering the flexibility to accommodate higher loads if needed. 

To ensure structural integrity, end brackets and ties (CWT.1) are included for both the external and internal leaf.

Our standard sizes are provided in the tables (on page 11) also have the capability to design and manufacture custom sizes to meet specific requirements.

CODA Spine Windpost

CODA CSW is commonly used in internal blockwork applications where the windpost cannot extend beyond either face. The depth of the CSW is limited to the width of the masonry, but the thickness can be adjusted to enhance its load-carrying capacity. Our CODA Spine Windposts are equipped with suitable end brackets and ties CWT.2 for secure attachment to the structure.

While we offer standard sizes as outlined in the tables, we also have the flexibility to design and manufacture CSW units in almost any size to meet specific project requirements.



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CODA Products Ltd are manufactured in accordance with BBA and British Standards

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